Looking for Cloudy

Looking for Cloudy

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I just saw this posted on a friend's FB page and wanted to re-post it here. This dog is one of the reasons I wanted to create this group: to highlight great dogs and the great things they do. Thanks to Martha Hoffman​ for the post and share to her FB page. The original post was made by Pat Cook, a well-known trainer in Oregon, who also spent time in the past in the Bay Area, doing a lot of great things for dogs.

"Chako (The Chupacarbra) impressed everyone when tested by Working Dogs for Conservation near Clearlake, CA on Friday. Their trainer knew immediately that he was what they are looking for, but the trainer who hosted us, who has trained hundreds of dog for California Fish and Wildlife, wanted him badly for her program! He blew them away with his intensity and focus, environmental soundness and superb temperament. So he will be heading to Montana in a few weeks to the WD4C facility to be trained for a very special operation: helping to stop the illegal trade in rhino horn and ivory! Once trained, he will be taken to Asia to search cargo coming into one of the biggest ports dealing with this problem. WD4C has been to check out the facilities and will be continually supervising the program. Once Chako is retired he will be brought back to the US in their care. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome or the care and commitment of the organization to its dogs.
Chako’s Story
At about 6 weeks of age Chako was thrown out of a car in Sacramento. A good Samaritan picked him up but couldn’t keep him. He was taken in by Chako Rescue and fostered in one of their wonderful homes. Dawn recognized his working potential and I picked him up at 11 weeks of age.
It became quickly apparent that he was more Malinois/Dutch Shepherd in his temperament than pit bull. We don’t know his breeds but we can guess. He is very intelligent, insanely driven by food or toys and a blast to work. By five months of age he had around thirty cued behaviors performed with great enthusiasm. But his passion was searching, and he obviously had an amazing nose. My goal became to socialize him well enough that he could go anywhere and be comfortable working detection in different environments or settling in a crate. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a lot of work over many months. Keeping him exercised and entertained alone could be a full time job! He’s a giant PIA to live with.
When friends saw him doing obedience exercises they asked why I wasn’t keeping him to show. My reply was that giving this dog a career in AKC obedience would be like using a Maserati to go grocery shopping! I believe in finding the best match for the dog; it looks like Chako has found his match!"

Thursday, June 4, 2015


TBT -- 2004 at USDAA nationals, me with a fresh perm and Jake still competing at the national level just before his 13th birthday. He looks so young still!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


"Rowdy" (1991 to 2006)


April 4, 1998, Hayward, CA

Photo by Bill Newcomb


Whippet/Border Collie Mix (Need Name)

My Lurcher (WhippetxBC) girl. She is 17 months old. Here she is doing warmups at the flyball tournament this past weekend. She has competed in dock diving PB of 20'7". Her most favorite sport is lure racing. I hope to get her to some coursing events as well as barn hunt. I own both her parents, both whom also compete in a variety of performance sports.


This is Kaina, she is an APBT/WHIPPET (bull whip), this was her first trial! 
I'm so proud of her, she is amazing.

Dakota Doing Bitework

YouTube Video

Friday, April 24, 2015


This is Holly, she was my friend's daughters dog, she came to live with me in August when the daughter went off to college and my home was a better fit. My guess is she's a lab/border collie/sighthound/pit bull. 

I am training her in obedience and agility, she just got her CGC and I am entering her in an obedience trial in June. She also does canicross, hiking, and running beside my bike. The next things we're going to try are weight pull, barn hunt, treiball and nosework but I have more equipment to buy/classes haven't started. She would love lure coursing but no one is doing that here (Big island of Hawaii). She is really smart and likes to excercise her mind, and run and pull, and wants to chase furry things. I have a 10 month old English shepherd also.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Dear Abby was an agility star in Hutchinson, KS last weekend. She qualified 7 out of 7 times, with three perfect 200 scores and earned 16 points. We need only 2 points to complete the 100 required for her UKC championship. I honestly don't know how Abby does this. It must be a Hawaiian Snake Hound talent, because it sure isn't my handling!

Sunday, January 4, 2015


June completed her Barnhunt Open title with a First Place and the fastest time in all qualifying dogs in the trial. 
June is now: UKC-UWP Woodacre's Soidog Mali AKC-CAX ABLSA-SR1 BH-RATO TT
In the Open level, the dog has to find two hidden and confined rats in under two minutes. 

Now June is running in the Senior level and has to find four rats in over 3 minutes. She did run in a Senior level today, Sunday, and she did find all the rats, but I was not quick enough in my indication and the timer went off before I could raise my hand and call "Rat!" Just a split second too slow. 
The trial was put on by ABBAdogs. This was my first trial with this group. They run a lot of agility trials, and recently started running Barnhunt trials. Can't wait for more!
What a super fun and addicting sport! Once the dog understands the game, there is no ongoing training. I do allow June to hunt for gophers when in areas where they exist, but she does remain super friendly to my cat, who she adores, and to my rabbit. She seems to know the difference, which they appreciate. 
Santa Rosa, CA
Here is June with her ribbons in front of the hay bales and her scoresheet. Great job, June!


This is Chip. He's a Finchester Yellow. (Heh, my invented breed to cover all of my long-legged, short-haired yellow dogs--http://dogblog.finchester.org/sea…/label/Finchester%20Yellow.) 

I first fell in love with his eyes, then confirmed that he he is so fast and agile and amazingly flexible that he could make a good agility dog--with a lot of work. Shortly thereafter, my spine went south, so we've been pretty much taking it easy. 

He is SO sweet and loves loves loves to be petted and caressed on any part of his body--doesn't care whether tail or toes or ears or anywhere. He's 3 and a half now.